My Projects

Some software applications that I have built
Social Network For Developers. Allowing developers to show their portfolios and network with others
Medi Minder
More than a medication reminder. Connecting users to their health care providers.
Mobile application built with Flutter. Providing financial literacy for a prosperous future.
Let's Find Space
Web application provides a solution to setting a meeting place between people
E-commerce Clothing Website
E-commerce website for people to buy clothes. Built with React.js, Firebase
Yelp Camp
Web application allows users to share campgrounds for other users to comment and rate.
Inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, this app allows local small businesses owners to bring their items to buyers based on their location.
Recycle Cam
An application helps people to identify waste items and dispose of them correctly.
The Weakest Link
A web version of 'The Weakest Link' gameshow written in pure Javascript, HTML, CSS.
Chess C++
A Chess game built with C++ and SDL UI library. Including noob AI to play single player mode.
Diabetes Detection
A machine learning web application that helps people detect if they have diabetes based on their health indices.